An 80s revival interior combines key US and English style

‘This is a once in a lifetime design,’ says Mark Lavender of M Lavender Interiors. The owners of this pretty Georgian-style house in Chicago, one of the world’s best homes, built in 1924, were keen to hire a designer that the wife could collaborate with and understand her desire to create certain moments from her 80s childhood.

Mark’s aim was to create an ‘80s redux with elements of Ralph Lauren American design mixed with the best of English country design style.’ He continues, ‘We brought the best of the 80s: a country-style kitchen, a clubby plaid library, chintz, and plenty of burgundy and green. The updates are in the details. Copious woodworking and molding details were installed. Archways and casement windows were added to bring romance and drama. There are storybook qualities throughout: sculpted wooden bows imported from England adorn the archways, nooks and crannies thoughtfully designed for cozy and comfortable living. Plaid was the first choice for fabrics and wallpaper, with chintz as a safety. When in doubt, we went “weird”, the clients have an extensive contemporary art collection and a wacky sense of humor. Our design completely captures their spirit and personality – warm, inviting and a bit eclectic.’