Spruce up your home decor with these 20 vintage shops around Birmingham

vintage shop in homewood
Looking for your next accent piece? (Summer Guffey / Bham Now)

If you’re looking for a way to curate a vintage vibe in your home, then keep reading because we’ve gathered some great vintage shops around Birmingham to help you spice up your decor.

1. Irondale Pickers

This is one of the largest vintage shops in Birmingham, so you’re guaranteed to find something that will enliven your home decor. From crocheted blankets to wooden Queen Anne tables, you’ll have to make a second trip just to see everything.

2. Antique Market on Linden

antique market
Come on in! (Summer Guffey / Bham Now)

This vibrant vintage shop is blessing Homewood with interesting finds, eclectic pieces, jewelry and gifts. Located in the heart of downtown Homewood, it feels like the perfect spot to shop. Plus it’s within walking distance to coffee shops and food.

3. Bama Flea Market

Flea markets are the best places to find furniture that lasts! Make your way to the Bama Flea Market to find your next accent piece.

4. Urban Suburban

antique furniture
See something that sparks your eye? (Urban Suburban)

Nestled away behind The Filling Station in Crestwood, this is a shop filled with so many unique pieces you’ll be browsing the aisles for hours. Plus, almost all Bham vintage curators have a studio at Urban Suburban. Let’s get shopping!

5. University Pickers

A classic find. (University Pickers)

University is owned and operated by sisters who have a passion for vintage pieces. This lovely local vintage shop supports small biz around the Birmingham area, so you’ll feel good about your purchases.

6. Brass Bear

You won’t be disappointed by their inventory. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

For an eclectic mix of old and new, you’re going to want to make your way to Brass Bear. This delightful shop will make you want to turn on their Facebook notifications, so you’ll get to see their updates first.


For gorgeous ornate pieces that will embellish any room, make your way to Pepper Place to shop at FOUND’s new location. This beautiful store has gorgeous vintage finds that you can’t find elsewhere.

8. Architectural Heritage

Did you know that Architectural Heritage has a deal of the day each day? I know that’s right! For me, at least, that’s plenty of reason to make daily trips just in case you find an amazing deal on something you’ve been wanting forever.

9. Antiquities

Take a stroll through Antiquities and peruse their carefully selected collection of furniture, decor and accessories. They also offer unique gifts if you’re looking for a special gift to give.

10. Tricia’s Treasure

Explore the innumerable collections at Tricia’s Treasure. This vintage shop lives up to its name by having some of the most special treasures you can find locally.

11. Hanna Antiques

Hanna is another Bham classic vintage shop that never disappoints. If you’re looking for something that’s vintage and fresh, then you’ll want to consider shopping from their distinctive collection.

12. Lolo French Antiques et More

Lolo has perfected the art of restoring antique French pieces, so you don’t have to. Shop at this antique store for stunning pieces that will satisfy your inner vintage connoisseur.

13. Hoover Antique Gallery

hoover antique gallery Spruce up your home decor with these 20 vintage shops around Birmingham
Can you picture this in your home? (Hoover Antique Gallery)

This store is packed with anything and everything vintage. Hoover Antique Gallery has a fantastic collection conveniently located in the heart of Hoover, so hop on over to see their great selection for yourself.

14. What’s on 2nd

What's on 2nd
You know who it is: What’s On 2nd owner Steve Gilmore. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

What’s on 2nd is a fan fave and probably most known for not being on 2nd. This is the place to get eclectic decor that will have your guests in awe over your taste.

15. Soho Retro

couch 50s
That’s so retro! (Soho Retro)

Soho Retro is the place where vintage meets modern. If you’re looking to add that extra spice to your home, then head over to Homewood because they have everything from the 70s pop of color rugs to mid-century modern stands.

16. Henhouse Antiques

design guide
Let’s do some shopping. (Henhouse Antiques)

For charming antique vibes, shop at Henhouse in Mountain Brook. This family-owned biz takes vintage to the contemporary level making it the perfect option for the vintage chic shopper.

17. Attic Antiques 

If you’re looking for something interesting to add to your home, then shop at Attic Antiques for your next piece. They have new arrivals every week, so you’ll never be short of options when shopping for unique collectibles.

18. Stash

vintage shop
It’s new and it’s old. (Stash)

Add fun and unique pieces from one of Birmingham’s newest vintage shops. You’ll find something dazzling for sure!

19. Shades Mountain Mercantile

Bluff Park
So many things to fall in love with. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

If you’re already an avid antique shopper, then you’ve probably heard the name Chris Feagin. The owner of Shades Mountain Mercantile is Chris Feagin. He’s the proprietor of the beloved Hoover Antique Gallery and Crestwood-famous Urban Suburban Antiques, so you know that this shop will have so much to offer.

20. Shoppe on Broadway

A collaborative of vintage finds found by local Birminghamians, Shoppe on Broadway has become a fave among interior design enthusiasts. Stop by to see if you can find something you’ll like!

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Spruce up your home decor with these 20 vintage shops around Birmingham