Amazon is selling a ton of these cheap things make your backyard so much better

Those first sunny days of the season are full of warmth, excitement, and the crucial reminder that it takes serious effort to maintain a backyard. Whether you’re just getting started with your space, or you’ve had it for a while and are looking for upgrade ideas, Amazon is selling a ton of these cheap things make your backyard so much better.

The wide array of options on this list can help you create the outdoors of your dreams. Think easy lights and decorative pieces, functional accents like rugs or trays, and even tools and supplies that simplify yard work and maintenance. And no worries if you don’t have a yard in the traditional sense, there’s plenty of ways you can enhance a patio, porch, deck, or indoor space, too. Read on for the products that will give you a shortcut to an awesome summer.


These versatile grill baskets made of perforated stainless steel

These durable, stainless steel grilling baskets are designed to help you get the perfect cook on vegetables, meat, seafood, and more. They also help keep your grill clean because nothing falls through the grates, and they’re easy to wash in the dishwasher between uses. Each set includes a round basket, a square basket, and a grilling pan.


A bright umbrella light that you can install in seconds

Clamp this LED umbrella light to your umbrella’s pole, and enjoy hours and hours of light when you’re under your shade. The included remote makes it easy to turn on and off so you never have to stretch or strain to reach it, plus allows you to adjust brightness levels and set timers, too.


This hands-free magnetic screen door that conveniently keeps pests out of your home

Attach this best-selling magnetic screen door to your doorway of choice to allow fresh air into your home, while bugs, leaves, and debris stay out. It works in regular or sliding doors, and the center opening makes it easy for people and pets to walk through while providing quick closure behind them.


A sophisticated ice bucket set that includes a lid, strainer & tongs

Great for entertaining, this insulated ice bucket is even better than what you’ve seen in hotels. The brushed stainless steel exterior is sleek and smooth, and the included tongs make it easy to reach every cube of ice. Plus, the provided strainer keeps melted water away from remaining ice.


These porcelain serving dishes that look great together or apart

These five porcelain serving dishes fit together inside an included round tray, making a great display for vegetables, fruit, dip, snacks, and more. Each dish is a bright color so you’ll enjoy a festive vibe every time you use them. And when you’re done, pop them in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up.


A pair of speckled hanging planters for indoor or outdoor display

Position these weather-resistant hanging planters outside on your deck or patio, or install them in a window inside your home to add greenery and decorative vibes. Choose between three neutral colors for the bowls (each with speckles), and two lengths for the rope.


A bug zapper to keep pesky pests at bay while you’re relaxing outside

Few things can ruin an evening outdoors faster than a swarm of mosquitoes (or other unpleasant bugs). Enter this bug zapper, which you can position on a surface or hang wherever it’s most helpful — and then enjoy its 1,500-square-foot radius of protection. The bottom tray is removable for easy cleaning, too.


These motion sensor solar lights that illuminate any corner of your home

Hang these solar-powered outdoor motion sensor lights where the sun shines for all-night power and security. Buyers rave about both their brightness and efficiency, with high praise for how well they detect motion, too. Choose between three modes; permanent on, security mode, and a smart control that stays on and brightens for movement.


This magnetic paper towel holder that clings to your grill

Few things are more annoying than being in the middle of cooking and not having what you need within reach. This magnetic paper towel holder attaches right to your grill without taking up precious surface space. Plus, it’s adjustable to suit multiple sizes and brands of towels.


These silicone gloves that help you grill safely & efficiently

You’ll love these silicone oven mitts for their versatility and durability — not only do they provide heat protection, but they’re waterproof and machine-washable, so you can handle the hottest of foods and clean them right up afterward. Choose between four sizes and 12 colors.


This reversible area rug to instantly elevate your patio or deck

Part form and part function, an outdoor rug is a great way to define a lounge area or patio space. This reversible choice is offered in five different sizes, and there are 15 prints to choose from, ranging from leafy botanicals, neutral patterns, and modern geometric designs. It resists stains, moisture, and fading.


An easy-to-use meat thermometer to get everything right on the grill

Use a handy dandy meat thermometer to check the status of your cook without cutting or ruining the integrity of your food, and feel confident about your cooking and grilling. It provides a read in seconds, and you can opt to read the display or use the talk function to hear the temperature.


These solar-powered garden lights that are weather-resistant

Line a walkway, light up a garden, or simply stake these solar lights in your yard however your heart desires. They promise to be weather- and waterproof (even through snow or sleet) you can count on them. They’re offered in black, stainless steel silver, or stainless steel bronze.


This geometric plant stand that’s a breeze to put together

No tools? No problem. Not only is this wood plant stand attractive and useful with multiple surfaces and shelves that you can fill with your favorite plants, but assembly is a cinch. The corner joints are included, along with a wooden hammer that secures everything in place. It also comes with gloves for assembly and gardening tools. Use it indoors or out.


A self-watering planter that makes it easy to maintain your favorite plants

Whether you prefer your plants to be low-maintenance or you go out of town often, this self-watering planter will do the trick — it holds up to a week’s worth of water at a time. Position it on your porch or patio, or on a windowsill since it’s versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use.


These deck lights that can be installed right on your fence or railing

Finally, no more dark corners in your yard — these solar deck lights can go anywhere you need them to (as long as you the surface can take screws). They glow with warm white light and have an elegant bronze finish that looks great with most exterior styles. Plus, they’re waterproof.


A UV-blocking shade to turn your outdoors into a shaded oasis

If your yard (or deck, or driveway, or patio…) is in desperate need of cover, then you might want to consider this best-selling sun shade. It comes in a versatile rectangle shape with slightly curved sides, or a triangle shape, and both options include d-rings and a rope for installation. Choose between six neutral colors.


These inflatable drink holders that turn any day into a party

Finally, a fun and festive way to keep your drinks close and your hands free at the same time. These inflatable drink holders blow up like mini inner tubes and hold drinks of varying sizes, including cans, cups and bottles. Choose from 18 designs for your trio, including flamingos, sharks, and swans.


These bamboo gardening gloves that protect your hands from pokes or pricks

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or your just have a few weeds to pull, these gardening gloves are a worthy choice — they’re also great for general handiwork and home repair, too. They come in five adult sizes and promise to be both durable and comfortable.


A pair of grill mats for easy, delicious barbecue

These grill mats provide a clean and versatile surface for cooking on a variety of grills, including gas, propane, electric, and smokers. They’re thin enough that your food still gets grill marks, but thick enough to keep everything in place and protect from flare-ups, too. Toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning when you’re done.


These trays that help you stay organized while you grill

This popular set of prep and serve trays is designed to keep your raw foods separate from your cooked food, preventing cross contamination and streamlining your prep. With 17-by-10.5 inches of space to work with, you’ll have plenty of room for meat and vegetables. Other tray styles are available too, including a defrosting tray and a bamboo prep tray.


A spray nozzle for your hose that can handle work & play

You might never need another hose again with the eight spray options offered by this heavy-duty spray nozzle. With a mist setting to a soak setting and everything in between, it’s super versatile and durable thanks to the metal material construction. It comes in green, red, or blue.


This set of barbecue tools made of sleek, sturdy stainless steel

What’s better than grilling a delicious meal outside? Grilling a delicious meal outside with these barbecue accessories. This classic set features a brush, spatula, fork, and tongs, and it makes for a great gift or upgrade for your own barbecue station. Choose between plain metal or wooden handles.


This giant cactus pool float for pool lounging

No pool or lake is complete without a swim float like this one. It’s fun, festive, and perfectly-sized for adults or older kids. Choose between a cactus complete with cupholder, or a pineapple. Buyers especially love the bright colors, thick and durable material, and comfy lounge vibes.


These silicone coasters that are slip-resistant and dishwasher-safe

Use these eight silicone coasters with glasses, mugs, and cups of all sizes, and then store them in the included holder for a sleek display that’s attractive and convenient. They’re a versatile black shade and round shape, plus they’re slip-resistant and heat-resistant — they can even be used as trivets, too.


This round tray you can use for food, gardening supplies, tools & more

This woven seagrass tray is so attractive, you’ll be tempted to keep it on display, but then you’d miss out on the 18 inches of surface, rope handles, and easy portability of the piece. Plus, there’s a purple and white design on the center also adds to its charm.


These unbreakable wine glasses you can use outside or inside

Use these temperature-controlling stainless steel tumblers indoors and outdoors and enjoy not only the peace of mind that comes with unbreakable wine glasses, but their 15 cheerful colors and patterns, easy-to-hold shape, and versatile size, too. With four to a set, you’ll have enough to share when guests come over, too.


A pack of waterproof pillow covers for your outdoor seating

It’s hard to enjoy an outdoor space if you don’t have a relaxing place to sit. These waterproof pillow covers are an instant way to spruce up a bench or lounge chair, adding both color and comfort. A subtle zipper keeps them in place, and makes them easy to remove for washing, too. Choose from six sizes and 21 colors.


These iron wall hooks you can use to hang lights, lanterns & more

Need a perfect spot to hang your new outside decor? Look no further than these iron wall hooks. With four, six, or 10 to a pack, plus two available sizes, you can string twinkle lights, attach a bird feeder, make a coat rack, and more. Plus, they’re easy to install, according to buyers.


This pair of elegant glass pitchers with matching lids

Enjoy these glass carafe pitchers outside, and use the included lids to keep your drinks safe from bugs or dust in between refills. The narrow neck and wide mouth makes them easy to hold, pour, and fill, too. Each container holds a liter of your favorite drink.


This cast iron press for delicious and juicy burgers on your own grill

Make restaurant-worthy burgers at home with this cast iron grill press. With almost 3 pounds of weight and a comfortable handle grip, you can use it on burgers, sandwiches, paninis, and more — it’ll even leave grill marks behind. Choose between different shapes and sizes, and even a full kit with a spatula.


These stick-on LED lights that are water- and weather-proof

String these warm white LED strip lights along a balcony, railing, stairs, or your surface of choice. With adhesive already on them, it’s as easy as peel and stick (just make sure to have a connector at the ready). Enjoy them for up to 60,000 hours indoors or out.


A garbage bag holder that gives you an instant trash bin and folds down when you’re done

When you want to keep your space clean but don’t need a permanent bin, this collapsible garbage bag holder will be there when you need it — and then can be tucked away when you don’t. It holds up to a 13-gallon bag, making it great for camping or travel, too.


This trio of faux hanging plants for a pop of greenery anywhere you’d like

Display these artificial hanging plants wherever you want to enjoy the look of plants but without the effort. Each plant hangs just over 3.5 feet, and the fabric leaves easily pass for the real thing. Plus, the wire and plastic stem makes it easy to bend to your desired shape, too.


A sleek can holder that keeps drinks colder for longer

This double-walled stainless steel slim can cooler insulates drinks to help maintain their desired temperature — plus, it just looks cool, too. With a sky-high 4.9-star average from over 66,000 ratings, you’re sure to appreciate them just as much as thousands of other happy buyers. It’s available in more than 30 styles.


This farmhouse-inspired wall lantern to spruce up your home’s exterior

No, you’re not seeing things — this trendy, weather-resistant wall sconce lantern really is $14. At 8 inches high, it’s a great size to position next to a front or back door. Three colors are available, though heads-up that their prices do vary. And, according to buyers, it’s easy to install and easy to paint if you’re so inclined.


This simple and stylish caddy that’s great for bringing utensils outside

Save yourself multiple trips from the kitchen to your patio table with this flatware storage caddy. With four round compartments to keep servings sets or types of flatware separate, plus sections for napkins and plates, you’ll be able to take everything you need outside in one fell swoop.


This birdfeeder that is so charming you’ll wish you could live in it too

Is it normal to be jealous of birds? This farmhouse style bird feeder is as cute as the birds it’ll attract. Each side of the farmhouse has a separate perch for birds to nibble from, and to give you ample bird-watching opportunities. If the house shape isn’t your jam, a gnome version is available, too.


A complete bonsai tree kit for beginners and experts alike

This thorough bonsai tree kit comes with four varieties of seeds, plus the accessories you need to grow them successfully; biodegradable pots, soil discs, and soil markers. If you’re not in the mood for bonsai trees (or don’t have the patience, because same), herb and sunflower kits are available, too.


This waterproof grill cover to protect your outdoor cooking station

Keep your grill in pristine condition with this waterproof grill cover. Made of laminated polyester, it protects against sun, rain, wind, and more. It’s designed with an air flap and easy-to-use handles, and comes in three sizes and five colors so you can even match it to your home’s exterior.

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