Newly refurbished jet flies in style

Sometimes a lick of paint will do the renovation trick, but when refurbishing a private jet—inside and out—it takes a whole lot more. Still, a little paint can’t hurt especially when it is applied in what was described as an innovative paint process.

VIP Completions, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based providers of bespoke aircraft completions, design, and refurbishment services, completed an interior and exterior renovation of a Boeing 767 VIP. The private jet seats 33 and sleeps 17, and features premium luxury brands and state-of-the-art technology. 

One such technology is its hydro dipping paint line, which is also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, and hydro imaging. The process allows users to apply graphics to almost any three-dimensional object made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. For this project, the technique was used to paint/veneer woodwork and cabinetry.

The aircraft is owned by John H. Ruiz, who among other things is the founder & CEO of digital consumer healthcare tool, LifeWallet, and its parent company, MSP Recovery, as well as the owner of the boat manufacturer, the Cigarette Racing Team.

Beyond its size and the potential that it offers, the 767 such as Ruiz’s stands out from other VIP wide-body platforms because of its range, altitude, and speed capabilities, easily able to fly from Miami to London and well into Europe with almost 12 hours of flying time. 

Finished flier

Upon delivery, the almost 2,000-square-foot jet will more closely resemble a luxury home than a business aircraft, the company said. This is the fifth project that VIP Completions has undertaken for Ruiz. Previously, it refurbished a Citation X, a Gulfstream GIVSP, and a Gulfstream G550 – aircraft that the client continues to own and operate. The fifth project, the refurbishment of a Sikorsky S-92A helicopter, is now underway.

The 767 project took six months to complete, and is a “showcase in interior design vision and customization.” The project employed ‘hydro dipping’, an innovative process to paint/veneer woodwork and cabinetry. 

Cabin accessories and soft goods are sourced from premium luxury brands including Loro Piana and Garret Leather. All passenger touchpoints – high-speed internet, Alto Aviation premium HD audio system, and full-spectrum LED lighting – are state-of-the-art, controlled by an iPad-enabled custom cabin management system.

In addition to the interior refurbishment, the project included an intricate exterior paint job. The exterior’s color scheme is black, white, and pearl with fine accents, including a carbon fiber effect on the engine cowlings. 


The spacious floorplan features six distinct living spaces, plus four lavatories. Design highlights include:

  • Entryway: An illuminated art wall and white onyx veneers make a bold statement to anyone boarding this aircraft.
  • Main Passageway: The flooring is an elegant wool and silk RedRock custom carpet with a dark grey pattern. This is the same flooring that Mr. Ruiz selected for Gulfstream refurbishments, creating an aesthetic consistency between aircraft.
  • Stateroom 1/Bedroom: A large, padded headboard and elegant details including leather-lined cabinets.
  • VIP Lavatories 1 and 2: Full stand-up showers, sable colored Ultraleather cabinet tops, Techno Aerospace wood-like flooring, and vanity countertops in crystal white marble.
  • Stateroom 2/Private Lounge: A custom L-shaped divan with fabrics and cushions by Loro Piana and a sable colored coffee table.
  • Main Lounge/Entertainment Area: A custom U-shaped divan, coffee table with a large surrounding cushion that converts into an ottoman, 80-inch home cinema, and DJ station plug-in that connects with audiophile-caliber ALTO Aviation Premium Cabin Audio System.
  • Main Lounge/Dining Area: A custom dining table for seven (7) with Ultraleather sable trim.
  • Conference Room: Two custom tables seating a total of eight (8) for getting down to business or when additional dining space is needed.

“This was the biggest project in our company’s history,” continues Ben Shirazi, President, VIP Completions. “It involved hundreds of technical and aesthetic choices that came together to create something as unique as John’s character and life story. This aircraft is at the pinnacle of private aviation customization and personalization. We are immensely proud of this work, which places us among a tiny group of aviation professionals worldwide able to deliver unique in-flight experiences and realize clients’ dreams.”